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Two Michelin Star Chef Anthony Genovese Dinner Series

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2 Michelin Star Chef Anthony Genovese and his team was brought to India all the way from Rome by All Things Nice to host a series of private dinners in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The guests list featured India’s top industrialist and were co hosted with Chef Anthony and Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal who paired each course with wines from all over the world and Cognac and cigars to finish.

Wine & Cognac Dinner at The Chambers, Taj Lands End

Our guests experienced an extravagant four course dinner paired a selection of wines and cognac at the uber exclusive Chambers – Taj Lands End, Mumbai.
Indulgences for the evening included:
Champagne MUMM Cordon Rouge Brut NV, Champagne, France
Grüner Veltliner Domaene Gobelsburg 2016, Kamptal, Austria
Brancott Estate Marlborough Pinot Noir 2016, Marlborough, New Zealand
ChâteauDeFontenille Rouge AOC 2015, Bordeaux, France
Martell X.O. Cognac, France
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Colombo No. 7 evening at Harbour Bar

Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal hosted an exclusive Colombo Gin cocktail evening with the owner of Colombo No. 7 – Mr. Amal de Silva Wijeyeratne at the exquisite Harbour Bar Since 1933 – Mumbai’s first licensed bar. The appetizers for the evening had been specially curated using the same 7 spices and botanicals in the gin by the kitchen team at The The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai.
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Blind Wine Tasting – ProWein Educational Campaign

Guests discovered how to taste wine with an added twist. Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal conducted a tasting of 8 wines without revealing the brand, grape varietal or country of origin at the ProWein educational campaign.
Wines tasted were:
York Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Nashik, India
Mud House Wines Sauvignon Blanc 2016, Marlborough, New Zealand
MythicMountain Chardonnay 2016, Mendoza, Argentina
Fratelli Vineyards Vitae Chardonnay 2015, Akluj, India
Château de Fontenille Rouge AOC 2015, Bordeaux, France
Oakwood Vineyards Reisha Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Shrirampur, India
Grover Zampa Vineyards Chêne 2015, Nashik, India
Nederburg Wines The Winemasters Shiraz 2016, Western Cape, South Africa
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Malt Masterclass – ProWein Educational Campaign

A tasting of 6 single malts by Nikhil Agarwal at the ProWein Educational campaign. Guests were taken through the journey of the spirit as it ages and is influenced by different kinds of oak barrels in addition to providing interesting facts about single malt and its key characteristics.
Malts tasted were:
Bruichladdich Distillery The Classic Laddie, Islay, Scotland
Paul John Whisky Brilliance Goa, India
The Quiet Man – Irish Whiskey 8 YO, Derry, Ireland
Glen Grant 10 YO, Speyside, Scotland
The Glenlivet 15 YO, Speyside, Scotland
Aberlour Single Malt 16 YO, Speyside, Scotland 
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