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Our vast work experience with the top names in these fields aids in adding just that extra bit of finesse that every establishment should have.

  • MENU ENGINEERING – We customise wine and spirit lists to suit your cuisine, offering your customers a wide range to choose from thereby impressing them with your selection and enhancing their experience!
  • STAFF TRAINING – Enable your staff to go from being servers to subtle sales executives to boost your beverage sales. We provide your staff with expertise on wine and food pairings and also on spirits, cheese and charcuterie.
  • RESTAURANT SHOWCASE – If you’ve got a great restaurant or bar with super quality standards – why not showcase it to people who love their food and drink? Our members follow our events wherever we go, we only choose the best!
  • BEVERAGE PROGRAM – We create customised, fun events at some of the city’s top restaurants to boost beverage sales.