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Luxury Consultancy Services

Luxury Consultancy Services
We focus on partnering with companies offering premium products or services in India. All Things Nice can enhance your brand by by creating unique experiences and a strong brand connect at every customer touch-point. We deliver innovative solutions across the most crucial business requirements – client acquisition, customer engagement and loyalty management for luxury brands looking to strengthen their presence in the affluent consumer segment.  Our experience help companies derive maximum value through services that are tailored to suit your customer profile.



We only drink the finest, eat the rarest and travel the roads that lead to indulgent experiences. So we make for great content for your publication.

Nikhil Agarwal writes some pretty straight up articles on wine and spirits and can be your columnist for an added spin on the month’s issue.


We think the best way to learn about wines is to try all of them! But we also offer educational programs for learning wine in theory.

  • If you own a restaurant or hotel, ensure that you educate your staff on wine brands, right pronunciation and information on tasting notes and more. Your wait staff are your best salesmen so grow your own business by offering them a chance to learn wines through us.
  • If you simply want to learn the mysteries of wine, we have informal sessions that combine education and learning and can even do this within the space of your home, if you choose.



Our penchant for all things nice led us further into the world of luxury living and we became the natural partners for realty giant, Knight Frank. We now have access to premium residences and commercial spaces across the world. Our role in luxury realty is simple – we have our pulse on the hottest premium spaces not just in India but worldwide, which we will be more than thrilled to introduce to our members while Knight Frank handles the finer details.

Look out for our clandestine realty showcases under The All Things Nice Luxury Realty umbrella and you may just land yourself your perfect home or office, at a steal. Email to inquire at


Yes, we do Fine Wine Investments too!

As part of our progression, we have now expanded to offer Fine Wine Investment services to the discerning Indian consumer. To facilitate and amplify this arm of our portfolio, we have partnered with London based experts Amphora Portfolio Management; the leading fine wine investment analysis and management firm.

Take a look at our brochure here.


We started All Things Nice with the aim of extending our passion by getting people to love what they eat and drink, as much as we do. We now have a growing community of people who absolutely love their food and drink.

  • FINE DINING EVENTS – The All Things Nice Shine Nights are much in demand. We take you only to the city’s very best restaurants; we pair the meal with fantastic wines or spirits. We get the chefs to come up with outstanding-and-not-on-the-menu 4 to 10 course dinners. All this only so that you can really experience fine dining.
  • CONSUMER TRAINING – We realised that everyone wants to learn something new and fun so our wine, beer, cognac and whiskey tastings were born. We teach and have fun and meet tons of new people.
  • PRIVATE TASTINGS – Throwing a party? Kick start it with an appreciation class for single malts, cognac or wine. It’ s quick, interesting and stimulates the party mood for sure! We come with our own wines or spirits, glasses and staff while you sit back and impress your friends! We do this at your home or at top end venues.
  • VINEYARD TRIPS –  We are in touch with most of the vineyards and can organise Indian as well as international vineyard trips for groups who wish to learn while being surrounded by true beauty.
  • ART & EXHIBITIONS – We support All Things Nice and so our members are frequently exposed to the trendiest art shows, photography exhibitions and trade shows.


Are you looking to break into the Indian market?

  • For international wine and spirit brands that are looking to enter the burgeoning Indian market, we provide consultancy and market intelligence that will help you navigate the intricate system.
  • We have partnered with one of the largest importers in India to facilitate easy processes for distribution, warehousing and paperwork.
  • We have direct access to key purchase managers from relevant restaurants, hotel chains and modern retail stores.
  • We can create decadent experiences for consumers that highlight your brands.
  • We also have the expertise for new winery setups right from choosing the right soils to the wine making to marketing and finally sales and distribution.
  • We also organized Wine Festivals with live bands, great food and a grand carnival like atmosphere.


We certainly have the pulse on the city and know exactly how to engage those target audiences, as that is what we do best.

  • BRAND LAUNCHES – Step away from the conventional route, launch your brand amidst a fine wine or single malt appreciation session, it’s not only different but sets a great vibe for any launch!
  • CLIENT ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS – Keep it interesting for your customers, treat them with all things nice and they are sure to remain loyal. We organise innovative programs for companies to engage with their top clients. Treat your finest, only with the finest.
  • CLIENT ACQUISITION PROGRAMS – We have a large network of very refined members that absolutely trust our tastes. Get introduced to this target audience and increase your business prospects.
  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – Make it fun for your employees, treat them to a wine, beer, single malt appreciation class. We even do teas and coffee; it’s always refreshing to expand minds to new things!
  • CORPORATE GIFTING – Our All Things Nice hampers are classy and elegant with the finest cheese, chocolate, cognac or wine and cigars.
  • CUSTOMISED WINE LABELS – Choose the finest wine and get a personalised message on the wine label. It makes for a classy, innovative gift.


Our vast work experience with the top names in these fields aids in adding just that extra bit of finesse that every establishment should have.

  • MENU ENGINEERING – We customise wine and spirit lists to suit your cuisine, offering your customers a wide range to choose from thereby impressing them with your selection and enhancing their experience!
  • STAFF TRAINING – Enable your staff to go from being servers to subtle sales executives to boost your beverage sales. We provide your staff with expertise on wine and food pairings and also on spirits, cheese and charcuterie.
  • RESTAURANT SHOWCASE – If you’ve got a great restaurant or bar with super quality standards – why not showcase it to people who love their food and drink? Our members follow our events wherever we go, we only choose the best!
  • BEVERAGE PROGRAM – We create customised, fun events at some of the city’s top restaurants to boost beverage sales.

All Things Nice Services

Conceptualized by Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal, the aim has always been to bring together the right consumers and brands that deserve recognition through superior consultancy services and world-class experiential events.

With a reputation that precedes us, we now work with large corporates in the financial and luxury sector in their client engagement and client acquisition activities by putting together decadent events for their clients.

We also conduct staff training, menu engineering and events with some of the very best restaurants, hotels, retail chains, airlines and Indian and international brands in the luxury food and drink sector.

Additionally, we work with wine and spirit companies globally to promote brands available in India or looking to enter the Indian market. We are also involved in new winery setup – from wine making to the ultimate sales and distribution process.

Nikhil Agarwal writes extensively on fine spirits and wine for eminent publications like Elle, BBC Good Food, GQ, Times of India, Hindustan Times and Femina just to name a few. Reputed publications like Fortune India, Grazia, Man’s World, Millionaire Asia, Time Out, The Entrepreneur & Bombay Times have also featured his exhaustive portfolio of work and enterprise. CNBC featured him as ‘one of India’s most enterprising businessmen’ in their show Young Turks. Adding to his accolades, Nikhil won the Wine Australia scholarship in 2012 and in 2013 Wine Australia made him their A+ Wine Educator for India while Verve magazine recently nominated him as one of the Top 10 Movers and Shakers in India in their June 2014 issue.

All Things Nice has pioneered The Indian Wine Consumer’s Choice Awards as well as Wine Week – two of the largest event properties that propel wine culture in India to new heights. Furthermore, Nikhil was the Project Director of the Sommelier India Wine Competition in 2009 and the Indian Wine and Spirits Challenge in 2010.

All Things Nice has organized numerous decadent events for consumers ranging from wine dinners to single malt evenings that have showcased different styles of whiskies from all over the world and also vertical tastings of some of the finest whiskies on the planet. Most recently, the company’s expertise in spirits and fine wine has been featured on Bloomberg, ET Now, The Discovery Channel and NDTV Profit.

We now have a subscriber base of over 252,000+ people who love wine, spirits and gourmet food amongst which 9500+ people have been classified as Super HNI members.

As part of our progression, we have now expanded to offer Fine Wine Investment Services to the discerning Indian consumer. To facilitate and amplify this arm of our portfolio, we have partnered with UK’s leading fine wine investment analysis and management firm.

Previews on the kind of events we do, our media presence, testimonials and our client list here.