Natural Wine

Natural WineOver recent decades we have become accustomed to having our wine served in a particular way; clean, clear & favouring easily appreciable fruit-based flavours. Trying some natural wines at the wilder end of the spectrum can be so vastly differently from this. With natural wine savoury, farmyard, vegetal and oxidative flavour characteristics are common, as are cloudy, lightly fizzy or even slightly tannic, in the case of some whites. Often weird but wonderfully rewarding, many of these subversive wines win over the conventional concept of wine faults for which they receive a lot of criticism from their opponents.

 Certainly one of the challenges with natural wines is that they can be particularly hard to pinpoint given that they have no defined classification system, beyond their being produced using natural farming techniques in the vineyard, and low intervention winemaking. As a result it is these wilder styles of wine may have become most synonymous with the natural wine movement, when in fact many others are far more subtle.

Healthy Cheese

For those of you who aren’t lactose intolerant dairy happens to be one of the healthiest, most nutrient-dense foods when made in the right way. Cheese has been one of the biggest targets of a new age war on dairy although it’s one of the tastiest and healthiest dairy products! We are not talking about the cheese that comes from a can, but the rich natural cheese that Europe has been making for centuries.

When selecting cheese, always make sure it comes from grass-fed cows. Grass-fed cows are less susceptible to disease, and have much healthier milk. Most cheese is naturally rich in vitamins D3, K2, and calcium key components for healthy bones.

Vitamin D3 is probably the most important vitamin as it reduces risks of immune system complications, and depression. In fact, after sun exposure and fish, dairy provides the highest source of vitamin D out there.The high amounts of saturated fats in cheeses are also a valuable weight loss aid because they will keep you satisfied for longer, which helps hold your food cravings at bay. In addition, most cheeses also contain significant amounts of protein crucial for muscle development.

Here are five types of cheese that are fantastic sources of vitamins, minerals and healthy protein and fat.

 Brie: a soft, white, medium-bodied French cheese that pairs well with fruits, vegetables, and cured sausages.

Gouda: a slightly yellow, semi-hard, mild-bodied cheese created in the Netherlands. Perfect when dipped in mustard or honey or honey mustard!

Feta:  Traditional feta is a combination of goat and sheep’s milk; however in the US it is more likely to be made of goat and cow’s milk.

Asiago: A cheese originally produced in the foothills of the Italian Alps, it is hard yellow cheese that has flavors similar to Parmesan and is delicious with soups, salads, and sauces.

Chèvre (Goat Cheese): This tangy, earthy cheese is not for the faint hearted — it is a soft white cheese made of goat milk, and has a very distinct flavor.


Speyside, Scotland

The Speyside Cooperage

Playing host to over 50 distilleries, Speyside has the greatest concentration of malt whisky producers compared to any other whisky producing region of Scotland, including the Highlands (of which Speyside is a sub-region), the Lowlands or the island of Islay.

As a style, Speyside whiskies are usually lighter and sweeter than other Scotch single malts. As they grow older, they develop body. Typical flavour characteristics include green apple, vanilla, oak, dried fruit and nutmeg.

The Speyside region has the vast majority of all the Scotch distilleries, and thus there is a great variation. Aside from the lighter, honeyed single malts, there are also a small group of distilleries which produce a heavily sherried style Speyside whisky. Glenfarclas and The Macallan, for example, produce big bodied whiskies, The Glenlivet and Glenfiddich distilleries produce the most classic, typical Speyside drams, and both are world famous.

Indigo Deli Celebrates 10 Glorious Years!

Indigo Delicatessen took the city by surprise when it opened its doors ten years ago, on June 30, 2005. A whole new concept at the time, “The Deli”, as it’s popularly called, was conceptualized as a restaurant and fine food store to serve the time-restricted, quality conscious diner.

Starting off as a chic New York-style eatery in the hip Colaba area, The Deli’s network has now expanded all over Mumbai, and most recently in New Delhi too, with each restaurant bearing its own unique character. What remains constant though is the feeling of warmth and friendliness, attention to detail and the most important ingredient, love. The love of food, the love of hospitality and the joy associated with watching a diner just dig in!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Indigo Deli presents a  power-packed 10 day calendar bringing you the best of special menus, free goodies, contests and more! Starting on the 21st of June with Breakfast like a Boss to Gourmet Burgers and Free Cookies, each day has something special for their patrons. A perfect build up to the big birthday surprise.

Indigo 10 day special