The Story Behind Reveilo’s Grillo

Grillo is a widely grown white-wine grape variety native to Sicily. It produces a still dry white wine with good acidity.

The Reveilo Grillo greets you with a bouquet of citrus, lemon, orange and grapefruit. It is a medium bodied with crisp acidity and a long mineral after taste. This particular wine has won a Silver Medal at the Indian Wine Consumers Choice Awards 2015.

We met with Kiran Patil of Reveilo Wines and asked her why Reveilo chose to create this beautiful, unique wine to add to their portfolio.

‘The choice of this grapes essentially emanated from our personal liking of the varietal. My husband Yatin was presented with a bottle of Catarratto Grillo on his visit to Italy in 2003. Back home in Mumbai, when we had the wine, we were pleasantly surprised. We were contemplating the plantation of the new varietals with the vision of providing the Indian consumer with an authentic Italian experience. This motivated us to stride the untreaded path. Our winemaker Andrea suggested planting this varietal in India, as this variety can withstand high temperatures and could respond well to the Indian climatic conditions. Subsequently, we imported the root stocks from Italy and planted it on the Indian soil in Nashik in 2006, the first vintage of which has been in 2009’

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