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Private tasting at Flavor Diaries

Private tasting at Flavor Diaries
Great fun to host a tasting and share Indian origin wines, beer and single malt for 14 of Dubai’s leading bartenders during their current tour of India on behalf of Glenfiddich at Flavour Diaries. The tasting included Sula Vineyards, Reveilo Winery, Fratelli Vineyards, Casablanca Sparkling Wine, Charosa Vineyards, Bira 91 and Paul John.
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Wines of India

Leading Indian wineries have come together to form ‘Wines of India’ WOI, a collective body set up as an initiative to support and promote Indian wine in India and internationally. Wines selected to be part of the Wines of India programme have been selected on the basis of merit only and will represent only the best India has to offer.  The body currently represents 12 of India’s most favourite wineries; Sula Vineyards, Charosa Vineyards, Fratelli Wines, Reveilo, Myra Vineyards, Vallonne Vineyards, Good Drop Winery, Soma Vineyards, Grover Zampa, York Winery, Nine Hills and Four Seasons.

WOI has selected All Things Nice to manage all marketing activities on behalf of the entity, with  Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal appointed as  Director of the programme. You can now look forward to a series of exciting events and experiences celebrating these fantastic wines. Stay tuned to the event page on the website for regular updates on how you can enjoy Wines of India with us!