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11 wineries unite to form ‘Wines of India’ programme – HospitalityBizIndia.com

Even while the Make in India Summit is underway in the city, the ‘Wines of India’, a unique initiative to support Indian made wine,  both in India and internationally, was officially launched at an event held yesterday at the AKA restaurant in Worli Mumbai. What is indeed remarkable is that for the first time, wineries in India, keeping competition between them aside, have themselves come together to form a united body to present and showcase their products. Furthermore, the collective body comprises 11 wineries, each with a different heritage and background. These include the market leader Sula as well as new comer Soma Wines, some like Vallonne who have been in the market for a long time, family owned wineries like York Wines, and corporate backed wineries too.

Nikhil Aggarwal, sommelier and founder, All things Nice, who is passionate about all things wine, and especially about promoting a a wine culture in the country, has been chosen as Programme Director of Wines Of India. Aggarwal, through tastings and expert panels will determine which of the wineries’ products will be showcased by Wines of India, “based purely on the merit of the wine,” he said. “These were exciting times for Indian wines and each of the 11 wineries were doing something new, experimenting and producing good quality wines, with more kinds of wines being produced than ever before, wines that India can be proud of,” said Agarwal.

The seed to form such a body was first sown by Ashwin Rodrigues, Founder, Good Drop Wine Cellars. Speaking to Hospitality Biz, Rodrigues said that he was happy that after several meetings since last September, the wineries were convinced that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the ‘Wines of India’ was finally born. He said that each winery faces similar issues and it made sense to work together. Rodrigues is very keen on sharing his enthusiasm for Indian wines with the Indian consumer and says that he works with the Indian palate in mind. He said he was sure that more wineries would become part of the Wines of India programme.

The evening saw one wine from each winery being presented for the tasting. These included Sula Brut Tropicale, Casablanca Rose Spumante from Good Drop Wine Cellars, Soma Chauvignon Blanc Gold 2014, Charosa Selections Suvignon Blanc 2014, Reveilo Grillo 2013, Nine Hills Chenin Blanc2014,York Rose 2015, Vallonne Syrah Merlot 2014, Fratelli Sette 2012, Myra Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 and Grover Zampa Chene 2012 .

By Odelle Amaral D’Silva