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The Ruffino Dinner at the Sahib Room, Palladium Hotel

I’ve had the pleasure of dining in the Sahib Room at the Palladium Hotel twice, the first time was when it launched and then again at the Ruffino dinner hosted by Sula last week.

Both times have been incredible and I think it is Chef Angad’s brilliance and Palladium’s hospitality that make it so special. Chef Angad specializes in North West Frontier cuisine with an expertise in Awadhi, Hyderabadi, and Kashmiri cuisines. He actually didn’t say much when I thanked him, but his colleagues who I spoke with the next day said they weren’t surprised, as he’d rather have his food do the talking. Well Amen to that!

Way back in my days with Sula, I had the opportunity of placing the first order for Ruffino to India, so I wasn’t going to miss this dinner for anything.  In my excitement, my guest and I were the first people to arrive. The dinner was hosted to welcome Joe Milner – Regional Director Asia and Jake Jacob, VP Asia of Constellation Brands. Ruffino is part of the Constellation Group – the world’s largest wine company.

The evening started off with Ruffino’s Orvietto Classico served as an aperitif. This easy drinking wine with lovely fresh, fruity and floral notes was served at the Sahib Rooms bar area. After a few glasses we were ushered into the restaurant’s plush dining space.

What followed was Chef Angad’s magic, a slew of dishes that included avocado and bamboo shoot tikkis, smoked spring lamb, grilled tiger prawns all of which paired really well with Ruffino’s Chianti – a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. I had not tasted this wine in about 13 years and was pleasantly surprised by how well the wine worked with the food.

For the main course we had an indulgent black dal that I devoured along with the Kashmiri hand pulled lamb and biryani. This was served with a more serious wine, Ruffino’s Riserva Ducale, a Chianti Classico Riserva. By then I was completely satiated but pure greed made me ask for another glass. I really do like this wine and the label is just stunning. Dessert was delicious with the now fabled Kolkatta paan ice cream. You’ve got to try it. If you had to switch off the lights and have that served to you without disclosure you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t actually paan.

The wines and the company at my table were great and the Sahib Room managed to put me into a Sahib like food coma once again. With a number of great restaurants attempting to modernize Indian food springing up across the country, I am actually very glad that the Sahib Room has chosen to stick to tradition and I think that we can all raise a glass or two of Ruffino’s Riserva Ducale to that.

By Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal, Director at All Things Nice

Palladium Hotel's Chef Angad
Palladium Hotel’s Chef Angad
Ruffino's Riserva Ducale pairs perfectly
Ruffino’s Riserva Ducale pairs perfectly
Jake Jacob,Vice President Constellation Brands Asia
Jake Jacob,Vice President Constellation Brands Asia

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Joe Milner, Regional Sales Director, Constellation Brands Asia
Joe Milner, Regional Sales Director, Constellation Brands Asia

Beyond The Bar by Grey Goose at Asilo

ONDREJ POSPICHAL AT GREY GOOSE BEYOND THE BAR 3A couple of All Things Nice members and us went to Asilo a few nights ago on invitation from Asilo’s Sanam Sippy and Grey Goose. We were there to taste cocktails prepared by internationally renowned bartender Ondrej Pospichal for Grey Goose’s Beyond The Bar programme and to indulge in Asilo’s ambience and food. Situated on the top of the Palladium hotel, Asilo is Bombay’s highest bar and is truly spectacular.


Any night with a seven drink minimum on the itinerary is destined to be a fun night. Ondrej went on to present his ‘Signature Seven’, a series of seven cocktails made especially with Grey Goose, inspired by spices available at local markets. One of the cocktails was named after the capital city, ‘New Dilli’, inspired by the DilliHaat souk where different flavors of India blend in. Nope, no drink named after Bombay but we forgive him.

Programmes such as Beyond The Bar are super because it gives bartenders in India training to be creative with cocktails and flavors which are different from the usual concoctions some of which we are getting tired off.

 asilo 2

Folks I could go on about the drinks and food but you’ve got to go to Asilo for yourself and soak it all in, my personal favourite was the New Dilli and the Martini (my 8th drink, on my 9th I attained what I call “The Wisdom”) that Ondrej made specially for me. You can try making them on your own if you like, see below for how…Happy Drinking….

Nikhil –  All Things Nice.


Signature Cocktail recipes:

  • 50 ml     Grey Goose Vodka
  • 5 cm       stalk Fresh Dill
  • 25 ml        Apple Juice
  • 25 ml       Fresh Celery Juice
  • 15 ml       Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 15 ml        Sugar Syrup
  • 2 dashes   Celery Bitters
  • Method    Shaken/ Straight
  • Glass       Martini glass

Inspired by the DilliHaat souk where different flavors of India blend in. the same way, this cocktail will take your senses on a journey where popular flavors of India like fresh dill, celery, fennel seeds will add distinct native flavor.

  • 35ml       Grey Goose Vodka
  • 15ml        Lillet Blanc/Martini Dry
  • 2dashes    Green Chartreuse
  • 25ml         Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Method     Stirred/ Straight
  • Glass         Martini Glass

A French based pre-dinner cocktail inspired by the liking of James Bond. Infused with the strong and aromatic tonkabean which adds a hint of sweetness on the palate and leaves a refreshing sensation.

  • 50ml        Grey Goose Vodka
  • 15ml         Campari
  • 35ml        Homemade sage & white wine syrup
  • 30ml        Pineapple Juice
  • 25ml        Fresh Lemon juice
  • Top up     Sparkling wine / Soda / Tonic water
  • Method    Straight/ Big blocks of ice
  • Glass        Tea cup / wine glass

A cocktail which defines your personality by the choice you make between sparkling wine, tonic water or soda. Instilled with fresh sage, softened in white wine it complements the bitterness of Campari and silkiness of Grey Goose vodka.

  • 40ml           Grey Goose Vodka
  • 1 big slice   Fresh ginger
  • 10ml           Tequila Blanco
  • 15ml           Honey water
  • 20ml           Lemon Juice
  • 6 pieces      Green cardamom
  • 25ml           Mozart Black (or Crème de Cacao Dark)
  • Method       Shaken / crushed ice
  • Glass           Rock Glass

Every ingredient in this cocktail gives your sense of taste of taste an imaginative run. A heartfelt blend of Grey Goose, tequila, honey water and green cardamomwhich is not so sharp on the palate but surprisingly sweet in the end.

  • 4ml            Black pepper infused Grey Goose L’Orange vodka
  • 30ml          Crème de Peche (Peach Liqueur)
  • 30ml          Coffee liqueur
  • 10ml          Sugar syrup
  • 2tsp           Cocoa powder
  • 1 pinch      Sea salt
  • Method     Shaken / cubes
  • Glass        Rock glass

The world at your table. This cocktail brings together different varieties of chocolates from around the world. With a hint of peach and coffee flavor, you are sure to experience the finesse across your palate.

  • 40ml        Grey Goose Le Citron vodka
  • 30ml        Homemade pineapple-coriander syrup
  • 20ml        Fresh lemon juice
  • Top up     Sparkling wine
  • Method    Shaken/ straight
  • Glass       Champagne glass

The name says it all. A refreshing mix of cocktail made with pineapple-coriander syrup, lemon juice and some freshly picked coriander leaves to garnish it. Very sophisticated welcome drink to suit any occasion and time of the day.

  • 40ml        Grey Goose vodka
  • 20ml        Agave water
  • 25ml        White Grapefruit Juice
  • Top up     Sparkling wine
  • Method    Shaken
  • Glass        Champagne Glass

A signature blend of five hand-picked spices (cinnamon, stevia, peppermint, grapefruit & black tea) is combined with the exotic flavor of Assam tea. Infused with Grey Goose vodka, this concoction is mixed with Agave and white grapefruit which makes it the best seller cocktail.