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Casablanca Spumante Sparkling Wine: Pale straw colour revealing its fresh and young character. A generous fruity nose of kiwi and grape fruit layered with lime and floral undertones. A light body on the palate reminiscent of pear and green apple with a predominant acidic structure ending with a smooth and lingering finish.
Charosa Reserve Tempranillo 2012: Dark ruby-red in color, the nose is filled with rich coconut, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry aromas. Medium-bodied with excellent concentration of warm red fruit flavors like raspberry, strawberry and plum.
Fratelli Chardonnay 2014: Straw coloured with light green reflections, the wine has citrus aromas of orange and lemon with subtle notes of white flowers. The palate displays freshness and minerality.
Fratelli Chenin Blanc 2014: Pale yellow with a bouquet of fresh tropical fruit aromas. The palate offers smooth and elegant acidity. Short contract with French oak enhances its elegance while adding to its mineral structure and complexity.
Grover La Reserve 2012: Powerful bouquet of luscious ripe red and black fruits with an exquisite hint of spice. This full bodied wine combines grace and splendour on the palate, the tannins are smooth and flavours intense with chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla.
Nine Hills Viognier 2012: Medium dry, this wine is crisp and refreshing and has notes of peaches, lychees and lavender.
Reveilo Syrah Reserve 2012: Barrel aged in French oak, the colour is brilliant ruby red with purple reflections. The fruity notes of raspberry and cherry are dominant, with a persistent woody character.
Reveilo Chardonnay 2013: Intense and persistent, it is dominated by fruity characters. Very evident are melon, pineapple, and lime notes accompanied with peaches and apricots.
Reveilo Nero D’Avola 2014: A medium bodied red wine with strong fruity aromas of cherry accompanied with some spicy notes of pepper and cinnamon. It is a young wine with a long finish.
Sula Red Zinfanel 2014: A luscious, jammy red Zinfandel redolent with blackberry aromas and cinnamon and plum flavours. Balanced, spicy, supple, delightful!
Sula Late Harvest Chenin Blanc 2014: Abounding with aromas of lemon, honey and tropical fruit, this Late Harvest Chenin Blanc is not only a perfect close to a delicious meal, but also an elegant aperitif.
Sula Riesling 2014: Sula’s Riesling is a fruity aromatic wine with hints of green apple, grapefruit, peach and honey. Best enjoyed nicely chilled. Riesling is a versatile wine for pairing with food because of its balance of sugar and acidity.
Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet 2013: This wine is the perfect blend of crispy aromas from Shiraz and complexity from Cabernet Sauvignon. This medium bodied wine has elegant tannins, ending with a mix of woody and currant flavors.
Turning Point Shiraz 2013: Menthol enhanced with a woody nose, followed by crispy aromas. The wine has a strong tannic feel without any harsh bitterness. The finish has woody and raspberry characteristics.
Vallonne Crimson Glory 2013: A medium bodied blend with notes of red fruits and spice that appear both on the nose and the palate. The presence of MAlbec has added complexity to this blend.
Vallonne Reserve Merlot 2013: This wine exhibits intense aromas of dark chocolate and cigar mixed with woody hints of vanilla and toast. Barrel ageing has enhanced these flavours with supple woody tannins and concentrated red fruit flavours.
Zampa Chene Grande Reserve 2013: Elegant aromas of blackberry, currant and ripe plums, complemented by charming hints of spices, vanilla, chocolate and roasted coffee beans. Dark fruit flavours with nuances of vanilla and cinnamon on the palate.

All Things Nice in Food & Hospitality World

Food & Hospitality World featured The 2nd Indian Wine Consumer Choice Awards conceptualized and organized by All Things Nice.  The aim of IWCCA is to give Indian consumers an opportunity to judge for themselves and on behalf of other consumers the best Indian wines and brands available in the country.

Food & Hospitality world February 2014

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