Glassware – Wine

There is a large range of glasses that can be used for service of wine which comes of different shapes and sizes with each designed to emphasize a particular wines characteristic. The use of the correct wine glasses enhances the drinking experience. There are different types of glasses the common few are:

Red wine

red wine

Red wines are best served in larger sized glasses which allow air to come in contact with the wine at a larger surface which helps to develop the aromas and flavours, also aromas are easier to smell when the wines are swirled around.

White and Rose wine 

white wine

White and Rose wines require medium sized glasses so that the fresh, fruit characteristics are gathered and directed towards the top of the glass

  Sparkling wine

sparkling wine

Sparkling wines are served in Flute glasses. Flute is a stem glass with a tall, narrow bowl. This shape enhances the effect of the bubbles allowing them to travel the larger area of the wine before bursting out at the top of the glass which helps the bubbles to stay for a longer period of time

Fortified wine

Fortified wine glass

Fortified wines should be served in small glasses to emphasise the fruit characteristic rather than the alcohol

 Preparing glassware

Clean glassware is of the uppermost importance as even the slightest taint can ruin the wine. Even glass washing machine ‘clean’ glasses need to be checked to make sure no detergent residues remain in the glass as they can give strange flavours to the wines, where in case of sparkling wines it may make them lose their sparkle quickly.

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