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How to set up a bar at home

An extract from the article by Nikhil Agarwal for Wedding Vows

1)  What are the essential barware needed to set up a home bar? 

A wine fridge, a fridge for beers and other mixers , a range of glassware for every kind of drink possible, a wine saver, cocktail shaker, bar spoon, strainer,  bitters, muddler,  ice machine and and a mini ice crusher, citrus fruits and other ingredients that go into your favourite cocktails and Triple Sec.

2) What sort of liquors should a bar stock? 

There is nothing like a well stocked bar offering a range of whiskies, vodkas, beers, liqueurs and other spirits and of course a range of wines. Various age statements and styles of whiskies from different parts of the world. A couple of vodka’s, a few gins, Cognac and/or brandy, tequila etc are a must. When it comes to wine, no bar is complete with out some sparkling wine, reds, whites and rose’s. A couple of fortified wines for those after dinner drinks also works wonderfully.

3) What is the trend in home bars?

I think home bars are getting more sophisticated since entertaining at home is gaining importance  and drink culture has really taken off. Also young adults have higher disposable incomes and   they approach their home and their bars with a certain amount of flair.