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Hellyers Road Pinot Noir, Single Malt Whisky

Hellyers Original Single Malt Whisky, aged in American Oak (ex-bourbon) finished in French Oak (ex-pinot noir) to provide a tantalising point of difference for single malt lovers. Imaginative and unique, this delightful spirit evokes all the complexities of a Tasmanian rainforest. Judged a Global Whisky Master and one of the World’s Ten Best Value Whiskies in 2015 (United Kingdom).

The nose is immediately drawn to crisp summer citrus, lemon and orange that obediently withdraws on the palate to manifest a sweet, gentle layer of pepper and spice – a persuasion of the red wine cameo. Burnt blackberry sauce lingers in the aftertaste foreclosing a treasured confusion of the senses.

Hellyers Road Pinot Noir, Single Malt Whisky

Benromach Peat

Benromach peat_1898

Pour yourself a dram of this seriously smoky single malt whisky… we only produce very small batches of this unique Benromach Speyside whisky, so you’re one of the few people who are able to enjoy it. The finest Scottish barley is malted with high levels of peat smoke at 67ppm (parts per million: the phenol level, to those in the know). Take in the AROMA WITHOUT WATER… sweet vanilla, honey and cured meat aromas, hints of apricot and lemon combining with a beautiful subtle tobacco note. Dive in and enjoy the TASTE WITHOUT WATER. There’s cracked pepper with sweet strawberry and orange flavours, a delicate hint of aniseed… combined with a lingering edge of bonfire embers. Now enjoy the AROMA WITH WATER… the delicate smokiness complements lemon, honey and vanilla aromas with sweet hints of apricot and sugared almonds developing on the tongue. Lift it to your lips and savour the TASTE WITH WATER. Slow cooked apple, pear and tangy grapefruit give way to a trace of cocoa powder and an absolutely gorgeous edge of lingering cigars. It’s a wonderfully fruity and smoky single malt whisky.


Benromach 10 Year Old


Pour yourself a dram of Benromach – not too wee and not too big. Swirl the golden liquid around your glass and notice the AROMA WITHOUT WATER. In other words, take a sniff. Indeed, indulging in several little inhalations is the best way to pick up all the different notes… rich sherry with fruit & nut chocolate, delicate spice, green apples, malty biscuit and a touch of light peat smoke. Now sip your dram, roll the whisky around your mouth and enjoy the TASTE WITHOUT WATER… juicy raspberries and brambles, sherry, creamy malt and a light peat. Next, take in the AROMA WITH WATER… it’s a wee bit nutty with a touch of charred oak and malt, and there’s also some fancy pineapple and kiwi. Add a drop or two of water to release the full TASTE WITH WATER. Savour the succulent mouth coating and taste the toasted malt, delicate peat smoke and lingering sweet sherry… our gorgeous classic Benromach Speyside style of single malt whisky.

Bowmore – Tasting notes

Bowmore No. 1

With more maturing history within its walls than anywhere else in Scotland, Bowmore No.1 malt will unlock the door to a story of deeper character. Exclusively matured in first fill Bourbon casks, Bowmore’s newly launched No.1 Malt is singularly special. Vanilla sweetness, cinnamon spice and oak smoke beautifully complement the mouth-watering citrus, honeycomb and coconut flakes, culminating in a peat smoked, bourbon vanilla and lime finish.

Bowmore No. 1

Colour: Honey gold.

Aroma: Vanilla sweetness, cinnamon spice and oak smoke.

Palate:  Mouth-watering citrus, honeycomb and coconut flakes.

Finish: The peat smoked, bourbon vanilla and lime finish.


Bowmore 10 Year Old Travel Exclusive

Bowmore 10 Year Old pushes the boundaries with bold flavour fusions. Spanish Oak sherry casks develop spicy notes on our signature peat smoke in an intense marriage of fire and earth.

Bowmore 10 years old travel exclusive

Colour: Dark amber

Aroma: Sun-dried fruit, baked Seville orange and toasted maple

Palate: Sultanas, sea salt and dark fruit oils

Finish: Peat-smoked walnut and spices


Bowmore 12 Year Old

Complex yet perfectly balanced, our 12 Year Old reflects the raw essence of Bowmore – thrashing waves, windswept landscapes and generations of tradition. Bowmore 12 Year Old has received much critical acclaim; the late, great whisky writer Michael Jackson proclaimed it “remarkably long and complex”. We like to think of it as vanilla ice cream at a beach bonfire.

Bowmore 12 Year Old

Colour: Warm amber.

Aroma: Subtle lemon and honey, balanced beautifully by Bowmore’s trademark peaty smokiness.

Palate: Sweet and delicious heather honey and gentle peat smoke.

Finish: The long, mellow finish.


Bowmore 15 Year Old “Darkest”

Matured in an inspired combination of both bourbon and sherry casks, it’s the final three years spent in Oloroso sherry casks that gives Bowmore 15 Year Old ‘Darkest’, one of the most beautifully balanced Bowmores, the rich, deep colour reflected in its name, and its warming finish.

bowmore_bottlebox_CORE_15YO_1487927831 Darkest

Colour: Treacle dark amber.

Aroma: Delicious dark chocolate, sun-dried fruits and a tell-tale wisp of Islay smoke.

Palate: Wonderful cedar wood and rich treacle toffee.

Finish: The robust and complex finish with a hint of sherry tannin.


Bowmore 15 Year Old Travel Exclusive

Exquisitely married in first fill Bourbon casks and hogsheads, Bowmore 15 Year Old has a refreshing, inspired and uplifting character.

Bowmore 15 Year Old Travel Exclusive

Colour: Golden barley

Aroma: Zesty citrus fruits

Palate: Silky peat smoke and salty-sweet vanilla

Finish: Sweet almond and lemon


Bowmore 18 Year Old

Cosseted away in the finest, hand-selected oak casks and allowed to mature at its own sedate pace, this is one of the most remarkable, perfectly balanced malts of its kind. One of our rarest most exceptional bottlings, the stocks of Bowmore 18 Year Old may be limited but there’s no end to its enjoyment.

Bowmore 18 Year Old

Colour:  Mellow mahogany.

Aroma: Classic Bowmore smokiness, perfectly tempered with creamy caramel, chocolate and ripe fruit aromas.

Palate: Beautiful soft fruit and chocolate balanced with a light smokiness – incredibly complex.

Finish: The long and wonderfully balanced finish.


Bowmore 18 Year Old Travel Exclusive

Bowmore 18 Year Old is perfectly balanced, with a dignified maturity through time well spent in the depths of the finest Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks.

bowmore 18 years old travel exclusive

Colour: Treacle dark amber

Aroma: Rich chocolate and gentle peat smoke

Palate: treacle toffee, dates and bitter-sweet orange peel

Finish: Roasted coffee and macadamia nuts


Bowmore 25 Year Old

A whisky to be savoured slowly, every delicious drop of this exquisitely balanced malt has been matured for a quarter of a century in North American bourbon and Spanish sherry casks. Exceptional even by Bowmore’s standards, our highly acclaimed Bowmore 25 Year Old exhibits the finest qualities of each.

Bowmore 25 years old

Colour: Deep, rich mahogany.

Aroma: Intense sherry and stewed fruits, with a trace of Bowmore smokiness.

Palate: delicious toffee and hazelnut, woven together with just a hint of sweet peat smoke.

Finish: The mellow, gentle and incredibly complex finish.


Black Bowmore 50 Year Old, The Last Cask To Be Rediscovered

Created under the careful eye of Bowmore’s craftsmen, including Master Distiller Eddie MacAffer, Black Bowmore 50 Year Old, The Last Cask To Be Rediscovered is a whisky aged to perfection. First distilled on 5 November 1964 at the Bowmore distillery on Islay, over the years this series has become one of the rarest and most sought-after single malt whiskies ever created.


Colour: Deep, black pearl darkness.

Aroma: The senses are awakened to the deep aromas of soft, sweet, exotic fruits, complemented perfectly by Bowmore’s renowned gentle peat smoke.

Palate: After 50 years maturing in Bowmore’s legendary No.1 Vaults, Black Bowmore 50 Year Old, The Last Cask To Be Rediscovered has developed a sublime elegance on the palate to reveal notes of tropical fruit including mango, papaya and pineapple balanced by dam

Finish: A long, lingering mouth-feel carried by notes of Bowmore’s native Islay seabreeze.


Bowmore The 50 Year Old

Distilled one very cold day in December 1961 and laid down in two ex-bourbon hogshead casks, our Bowmore 50 Year Old has spent half a century maturing in Bowmore’s legendary No. 1 Vaults. Today, just 200 bottles of this truly exceptional single malt remain – 50 of which will be released each year between 2013 and 2016. Bowmore 50 Year Old is a celebration of not just one mastercraft but many, starting with the time-honoured skills of our small distillery team that cold winter’s day on Islay.

bowmore 50_Year_Old_

Colour: Warm honey gold.

Aroma: Sweet almond frangipane in coconut milk, the fruitiness of apricots and crystallised orange, together with hints of black truffles and tea tree oil.

Palate: Bursts of ripe fruit – figs, fleshy papaya, pomegranate and pineapple – intermingled with black truffles and gentle smoke.

Finish: The evolving finish of almond cake and caramelised pears interwoven with subtle peat oils.


Bowmore Vault Edit1°N Atlantic Sea Salt

Created using the finest hand selected ex-bourbon casks to create a refined liquid of greater depth, Bowmore Vault Edit1°n Atlantic Sea Salt reflects the distinctive microclimate in the depths of the No.1 Vaults. Bowmore distillery’s close proximity to the sea is vital in determining the final character of the spirit and the Atlantic sea spray that washes against the iconic sea-facing wall of Bowmore’s legendary No.1 Vaults is a key note in this release.

Bowmore Vault edition

Colour: Bright Gold

Aromas: Breathe in notes of salted honeycomb complemented by the fresh and cool breeze of Atlantic sea spray

Palate: After spending its life maturing in Bowmore’s legendary No.1 Vaults, this pioneering whisky embodies sun-ripened fruits, zingy spiced cocoa and blood orange

Finish: A lasting finish that opens out like the vast Atlantic Ocean of which the Bowmore distillery overlooks. The ideal dram to enjoy on a cold winter’s evening, this sublime whisky is awash with blackberry, sea salt and kumquat


Bowmore Mizunara Cask Finish

Mizunara oak casks embarked on the 6,000 mile journey from Japan to Islay. Cultures and languages differ but master craftsmanship is admired the whole world over. Combining the best of the east and the west in a first for scotch malt whisky, Bowmore Mizunara cask finish is an intriguing marriage of Scottish strength and passion with Japanese elegance and refinement. Here, in a first for scotch malt whisky, these legendary Mizunara casks became home to Bowmore’s celebrated single malt, resting peacefully in the infamous No.1 Vaults. A remarkable creation has emerged which is a rare masterpiece indeed, merging the skills of the great whisky distilling nations.

bowmore mizunara

Colour: Warm amber.

Aroma: Spicy, mellow sweetness carried on a fresh ocean breeze.

Palate: Sweet vanilla, cedar wood, exotic mango and honey rose blossom.

Finish: Floral spice and fragrant smoke.


Bowmore 1957

In October 2012, Bowmore released their oldest ever expression, the exceptionally rare Bowmore 1957, 54 Year Old. Not only is this the oldest whisky they have ever released, it is also the oldest Islay Single Malt ever released. Distilled in 1957 and bottled in 2011, this marvel has been lying in wait in the finest oak for more than half a century. With only 12 bottles in existence in the world, Bowmore 1957 is the oldest and rarest ever Bowmore.

Bowmore 1957

Colour: Glistening warm gold.

Aroma: An elixir of blueberries and wild figs with mellow almonds, tropical fruit and rich oaky overtones.

Palate: Layer upon layer of sweet and refined ocean tastes with soft blueberries, cassis and figs, sea salt and fresh eucalyptus.

Finish: Long and whispering finish of cassis, bergamot and star anise.



Blending premium whisky isn’t just something we do, it has been the foundation of our craft since 1800. We bring together the finest ingredients to create a natural spirit before the passing of time imparts the wonderful flavour from our handcrafted casks. Add to this the fusion of skilled craftsmen and a tenacious obsession with quality and you arrive at our Famous, rich, sweet, well-rounded whisky.


Appearance – Full, Golden, clear and bright

Aroma – Well balanced oak, Sherry with a hint of citrus

 Taste – Medium full flavour, Mature, Speyside frutiness

Finish – Good length, Clean, Medium dry



The Famous Grouse Smoky Black (previously The Black Grouse) blends more peated malt whiskies, including a rare version of Glenturret, with exceptional grain whiskies to produce a richer, lightly smoky and smooth flavour. Explore a smokier side to our Famous whisky.

the famous grouse 4

Appearance – Dark, Russet golden, Clear and bright

Aroma – Smoky, Soft and Musky,Rich and full

Taste – Full flavour, Spice and dried fruits, Smoke through the oak

Finish – Long, Smoky, Aromatic




The Alpha Edition is a richer, smokier expression of our award winning Scotch Whisky.  This beautifully mature and complex blend has a higher, older malt content delivering much more depth to this richly sweet and smoky blend. On the nose the Alpha Edition is sherbet sweet. Deeper exploration provides warmth and richness, before a lingering, velvety, smouldering, smoke-filled finish.


Appearance – Dark burnished gold, Clear and bright

 Aroma – Toasted orange peel, cinnamon sticks, Dark chocolate

Taste – Sweet vanilla, Dry smokiness

 Finish – Sherbet sweet, Warmth and richness, Smoke-filled finish



The Naked Grouse enriches the flavours of Scotland’s favourite whisky by maturing in sun dried sherry oak casks. The influence of our quality first-fill sherry casks develops a deep russet appearance and an aroma that melds black cherries, cocoa and oak. The taste experience is sublimely smooth with famous trade-mark dried fruits yielding to cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. The sweet finale is rich in dark chocolate with a spicy, orange finish. A fine example of the blender’s art, it is best enjoyed neat or as a classic “Old Fashioned”.


Appearance – Deep amber Glow

Aroma – Black Cherries, cocoa powder and oak wood

Taste – Sweet winey notes, plums and a hint of cinnamon

Finish – Dark Chocolate, lingering spiciness and medium sweet



The Famous Mellow Gold blends whiskies from rare, handcrafted Spanish sherry casks and charred American oak bourbon casks to arrive at a distinctly smooth, mellow character and rich depth of flavour. Explore a sweeter side to our Famous whisky.


Appearance – Rich, honey golden, Clear and bright

Aroma – Orange peel, vanilla, perfumed with a hint of lychee

Taste – Spicy, crème brulee, orange bitters and cedar

Finish – Lemon peel with lingering spiciness



The Famous Grouse 40 years old is our award-winning luxurious blended malt whisky. It is the oldest expression ever released by The Famous Grouse and is limited to an exclusive 276 decanters. Each whisky in this rare blend was carefully selected for its unique character, combining in perfect harmony to create a very special blend. It has been maturing slowly for 40 years in the very best and most expensive casks in the world.The elegant decanter was created in partnership with Scottish designers Timorous Beasties and is befitting of its precious contents. Hand-engraved with a bespoke design of the brand’s icon, the red grouse, nestled amongst beautifully detailed foliage, the decanter is completed with a Scottish silver stopper and cased in a luxury wooden gift box.


Appearance – Smooth, Rich, Clear and bright

Aroma – Ripe Mango, Crushed Coriander, Cardamom Pod and Dill

Taste – Sweet Fruity Citrus and banana, Gingerbread, Light Peat Smoke

Finish –  Very Smooth, Sweetly Complex



REGION: Toscana

GRAPE VARIETY: 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon & 5% Cabernet Franc

TASTING NOTES: An intense ruby red in color with purple highlights, the 2013 Tignanello shows a nose of great red fruit intensity along with highly pleasurable notes of vanilla, chocolate, and leather from the well balanced contribution and fusion of the aromas of the oak. The spicy and balsamic sensations which give additional complexity are also quite important. The wine is ample and enveloping on the palate with supple tannins and a savory freshness which fully respects the character and personality of the Sangiovese grape. The balance between acidity and tannins is excellent, and the finish and aftertaste are of a lovely length and persistence.




REGION: Bordeaux

GRAPE VARIETY: 75% Sémillon, 23% Sauvignon Blanc & 2% Muscadelle

TASTING NOTES: Bright gold in color. The nose opens on yellow fruit (peach, mirabelle), then goes on with airing to develop an attractive aromatic complexity on notes of bergamot, gentle spice and quince.

From a powerful, refined attack, the wine expresses crystallised quince and mirabelle jam flavours enhanced with a fresh touch of bergamot. On the finish, the wine’s sweetness and power bring a balance typical of Sauternes.

Bottle - Mouton Cadet Sauternes



REGION: Toscana

GRAPE VARIETY: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon & 30% Sangiovese

TASTING NOTES: This elegantly structured wine opens with aromas of ripe black fruit, cedar, leather and a whiff of exotic spice. The firm palate delivers ripe black cherry, plum, coffee, grilled herb and ground clove alongside firm but polished tannins.





 REGION: Fruili

 GRAPES: Pinot Grigio

TASTING NOTES: Straw yellow with lightly amber-coloured tinges. The wine displays fruity and floral aromas of banana, pineapple and wisteria flowers. Persistent, excellent body and balance.