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Old Pulteney 12 YO

Deep amber, red golden with a slight pink hue sparkling with a copper glow the aroma has medium to high intensity with a briny hint of sea air.

Dry, medium bodied and smooth, redolent of honey and cream, faintly salty with a slight spicy note and a sweet long-lasting finish.





An award winning Sherry Solist reduced to 46% alcohol volume with Kavalan spring water, this is a perfect introduction to the outstanding new world whisky.  This rich and complex whisky opens onto notes of dried fruit and walnut with some marzipan and vanilla touches to it. The palate is smooth, with rancio red fruits (raspberry, red currant) and spices.


The GlenDronach 12 Years Old Sauternes Wood Finish










APPEARANCE: Crisp summer gold.

NOSE: Torrents of fresh fruits, apricots and nectarine flow to honeydew melon and distant hints of overripe banana. A gentle aromatic floral note balances with creamy vanilla to give a sophisticated back note to the nose.

PALATE: Wildflower honey floods over sweet sultanas and green apples. A dusting of ground almonds, vanilla and creamy toasted oak combines with a vibrant citrus twist, giving a rich, spicy depth and contrasting fresh balance.

CONCLUSION: Sweet, fresh and fragrant with balanced acidity. Lots of finesse and elegance, whilst still maintaining the lively youthful elements.

Longrow 18 YO

Longrow 18-year-old









A complex nose: Sweet fruits, citrus, peaches and orange zest at first before a gentle earthy peaty aroma reveals itself.

Rich and very, very tasty. Well balanced. Dark chocolate, creamy coffee and gingerbread to the fore, followed by rhubarb and vanilla custard.

Long and sweet, a hint of typical Longrow peat smoke combined with more chocolate and some dried fruits.

Cragganmore 12 YO – Speyside






The Cragganmore Distillery was founded in 1869 by John
Smith, who is said to have been the most experienced
distiller of his day. He had been manager of Macallan,
Glenlivet and Wishaw distilleries, and was lease-holder of
Glenfarclas Distillery when he persuaded his landlord, Sir
George Macpherson-Grant, to lease him the land to build
a new distillery at Ballindalloch beside the Strathspey
railway line.

Cragganmore was the first distillery to be deliberately
sited to take advantage of the railway line and a private
siding was built to accommodate distillery traffic. John
Smith was a great railway enthusiast, but since he
weighed 22 stones (140kg) and was too wide to enter a
railway carriage, he was obliged to travel in the Guard’s

Cragganmore 12 Year Old is one of the most complex
single malts with layers of sweet floral fragrances, wood
smoke, riverside herbs, vanilla and cereals. It is best
enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Cragganmore 110349Appearance: Gold
Nose: A combination of sweet floral fragrances, riverside herbs and
flowers with some honey and vanilla.
Body: Firm, rounded, light to medium
Palate: A strong malty taste with hints of sweet wood smoke and
Finish: A long, malt-driven finish with light smoke and hints of

Lagavulin 16 YO – Islay


Founded in 1816 by local farmer John Johnston,
succeeding more than 10 illicit stills that had previously
been on the site. Now one of eight operating distilleries
on Islay off the west coast of Scotland
Named Lagavulin after a Gaelic word meaning “the
hollow where the mill is”

Aged in ex bourbon casks, the high levels of peat,
coupled with its rich flavours make this the definitive
Islay malt and the Holy Grail for many whisky drinkers.

Lagavulin 16 Year Old is an intense, smoky-sweet single
malt with seaweed flavours and a huge finish, aged in oak
casks for at least sixteen years. This is best appreciated
neat or on the rocks.

Picture 2934
Picture 2934

Appearance: Deep Amber Gold
Nose: Intense peat-smoke and a rich, deep sweetness
Body: Full
Palate: Srong and intense with a rich, dried fruit sweetness &
peppery smoky
Finish: Huge, long and warming

Caol Ila 12 YO – Islay

Caol ila


Caol Ila is the Gaelic name for the Sound of Islay, which
separates the island from Jura in one of the most remote
and beautiful parts of Scotland’s West Coast. Caol Ila is
the only distillery on Islay to face due east, and every
morning the six stills are the first to feel the dawn of the
day on their copper faces.
Nestled in a hidden cove near Port Askaig, the Caol Ila
(pronounced “Cull Eela”) distillery sent its whisky to
market by sea for over a hundred years.

Caol Ila 12 Year Old is a fresh, sweetly fruity and smoothbodied,
with a delicate balance of tastes which is best enjoyed
neat or on the rocks.

Caol ila Bottle 12yrs low-res

Appearance: Pale Straw
Nose: Subdued, citric fruitiness, a fresh and appetizing nose, with
little or no trace of smoke.
Body: Firm, smooth, light to medium
Palate: Drinks well at natural strength; sweet start; pleasant, light
fragrant smokiness and a lengthy finish. Smooth, pleasant
mouth-feel.. A complex balance of primary tastes.
Finish: Sweet smokiness in the lingering, slightly sour finish

Oban 14 YO – West Highland




Fine single malt whisky has been made here in Oban for
over 200 years, in one of the oldest licensed distilleries in
Scotland. In effect, the town grew up around the
distillery and since its foundation in 1794 it has played a
crucial role in local life. Oban is the frontier between the
West Highlands and the Islands; the meeting place
between land and sea.

In 1883 the unforgettably named J. Walter Higgin bought
the distillery. Between 1890 and 1894 he dismantled and
rebuilt it bit by bit, in order to keep it in production – such
was the demand for Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky. He
carefully replicated the famously small stills and other
traditional features in order to preserve the quality of the

The distillery buildings and their internal arrangements
remain almost the same today as they were following
Higgin’s refurbishment.

Oban 14 Year Old has a rich sweetness followed by a
smokey dryness that is best appreciated neat or on the

Picture 2959
Picture 2959

Appearance: Olive Gold
Nose: Rich sweetness and oranges & lemons with sea-salt and
peaty smokiness
Body: full, rich
Palate: Mouth filling, dried figs and honey-sweet spices, followed
by a smoky, malty dryness
Finish: Long, smooth-sweet finish with oak-wood, dryness and a
grain of salt